Plaisir d'amour


Jos Koning

Jos Koning has been playing violin and alto viola for many years and made his name in various ensembles as an expressive and charming violinist. More recently he picked up the viola d’amore, a mysterious string instrument of several hundred years ago. The number of records on which he plays has surpassed 50.
Jos is not only a musician: he is a well known violin teacher and workshop leader who gives many violinists new inspiration and a new course.
The instrument he plays is unique, its size is between a violin and a viola and it has five strings instead of the more usual four. The beautiful, dark tone of the lowest string gives more nuance to the music.
Jos also plays the viola d’amore, a romantic odd instrument from the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Seven strings plus seven resonant strings give this instrument a velvet sound that mixes well with the harp.