Plaisir d'amour


Anouk Platenkamp

Anouk Platenkamp studied classical music at the conservatory of Maastricht. About fifteen years ago she was seized by the simplicity and beauty of traditional music, after which she, as one of only a few Dutch harpists, specialised in this genre. Recently she has become interested in the Dutch musical tradition and started arranging Dutch music for the harp.
Apart from traditional music, Anouk also plays therapeutic harp music, which aims to bring people relieve from pain. She has started the only Dutch course that teaches harpists to use their skills in a therapeutic setting. She is a well loved teacher and her workshops, ranging in topic from traditional music to improvisation and playing therapeutic music, are in international demand.
Anouk Platenkamp usually plays the Celtic harp in Plaisir d’amour, a poetic instrument which suits traditional music well.